Hi! I’m Rachel!

I have a love for travel, a love for Disney, a love for children, and a love for seeing others enjoy life.   My husband and I first visited WDW in 2001 and we were immediately hooked.  After that initial trip, we started planning our next trip and then our next.  People would often ask us why we went to Disney when we didn’t have children.  What they didn’t realize is there is so much for adults to do – dining, spas, shopping, and golf.  After many trips without children, we made our first trip as parents in December of 2013.  Watching our 3-year old son flirt with Cinderella, dance with Goofy, and smile from ear to ear because he was riding the monorail are moments that still bring tears to my eyes.

I love planning trips almost as much as I enjoy going.  You might say I love the journey just as much as the destination.  Because I am unable to go all of the time, the next best thing is helping others plan a memorable vacation.  I take a personal interest in my clients, I share in their excitement, and I listen to their interests and concerns.  I know the importance of tailoring a vacation to each person’s needs and believe every Disney vacation should be a unique fantastic experience!

I also have a love for children.  As a speech-language pathologist, I have worked with children with delays for 13 years.   I understand what parents mean when they say their child has a restricted diet, becomes overwhelmed in a crowd, or cannot tolerate flashing lights.  I marvel at the impact Disney has had on so many children with delays.  I love the story of the child with Autism who learned to talk from watching Disney movies or the one about the child who was able to connect with others once he rode Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  My knowledge of the challenges children face as well as the services Disney provides makes me a valuable resource for many families.

When people ask me why I am so passionate about Disney, the lyrics from Aladdin enter my mind, “Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings, soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky.”   I would love to help you experience this thrilling, wondrous place on your next vacation.

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