Hi everyone! I’m Nicole. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and currently live in beautiful Blowing Rock, North Carolina. 

I am a professional runner with a passion for travel. I have been fortunate enough that my running career has taken me all over the globe. Whether it’s racing, a meeting, or hosting guided run – I am almost always on the go. 

After eating, sleeping, and breathing training, I take vacationing seriously which is one of the reasons I absolutely love Disney. There is really no other place on Earth where you can just sit back and relax and have everything taken care of for you. (Seriously – I was scheduled to run a race in Japan and the first thing that popped in my mind was heading straight to Tokyo SeaDisney afterwards!)

Becoming a travel agent appealed to me in 2019 when I was on a trip to Disney with my mom. We had a travel agent plan our trip, and we didn’t have to think about a thing! It was so nice! Everything from Fast Passes to Dining Plans were handled for us. I knew right then that I wanted to make that magic happen for other people. 

I have experience with dealing with every sort of  travel mishaps on the fly. Whether it’s rescheduling a missed connection, a hotel reservation issue, or scheduling quick sightseeing in between meetings – I am able to make it happen under pressure.

Before I was a full time athlete, I was a student athlete all through high school and later at The University Of Georgia. I have had to balance running, scholarship worthy grades, and various jobs. I am no stranger to scheduling and getting things done. I am constantly in competition with myself to deliver the best result, and I promise that I bring that level of passion into making your trip as perfect and care-free as possible for you. 

It’s also no surprise that I love to eat. My specialty is the marathon, so I am constantly hungry. I balance both healthy and indulgent meals and I love trying new food. I personally have food allergies (peanuts and soy – I also had to go gluten-free for about a year for a health issue), so I have experience in speaking with restaurants and knowing exactly what to ask for to ensure an allergen free meal without compromising flavor. 

When I’m not running or scheduling trips, I enjoy sitting down with a good book, cooking, and practicing hand lettering.

If there’s one single thing you need to know about me, it’s that pin trading is my favorite thing. I have been collecting Little Mermaid pins since I was 8 years old, so if you want to chat pin trading I know some secrets and all of the best spots! 

Please contact me at NicoleDiMercurio@mainstreetandmoretravel.com.