I have a huge passion for all types of travel and getting to make wonderful memories with my own family on vacation! I grew up going to Disney World every other year since I was 3! Now there are so many new memories that we get to make, as we take our little ones to the parks. We love the rides. We love the hospitality. We love the immersion into stories. And let’s be honest, I love the FOOD! I have been to Disney at all stages of my life, with and without kids, and even being that little kid. I can help you plan the trip of your dreams to accommodate any age and interest. I love the food at Disney and can keep you up to date on the ever changing trends, new restaurants, and help navigate Disney for those with food allergies. If you are looking to plan a trip of your dreams, send me an email for more information at marlahead@mainstreetandmoretravel.com