Hello, everyone! I am no stranger to making things happen – I’ve been doing it in one way or another for the past 15 years. After spending 10 years in New York City’s construction and development industry on both the project management and administrative sides, I spent the majority of my career as the assistant to the Owner/President of a multi-million-dollar, large scale construction company who helped build some of the city’s most memorable structures, including the Freedom Tower and Reflecting Pools at the World Trade Center. Needless to say, I am pretty good at getting people what they want, and doing it under pressure. Additionally, this allowed me to gain experience booking various types of travel, including international travel.
On a personal level, I have traveled many times, both domestic and internationally – and while I love going new places and trying new things, my heart always returns to Disney; the place I grew up vacationing with my family. Now as an adult, I am passionate about Disney and the happiness it can bring to all types of people from all over the world – but my true love? The food. I am a foodie, through and through. Whether I am trying a new trying a trendy new restaurant in NYC, or in search of the perfect cupcake on Main Street, I am always looking to try the next best treat!
Also – I am very well versed in traveling with food allergies or sensitivities. From peanuts to gluten – from Kosher to Halal, special dietary needs are important and can be accommodated.
I currently live in Brooklyn, New York, with my husband and two boys – and I’m Greek, so its no surprise that my parents live next door.