I fell in love with the magic of Walt Disney World on my first trip. I can remember my 11 year old self walking down Main Street in awe of Cinderella’s Castle. Since then, I’ve traveled the world to see breathtaking sights such as the Eifle Tower, the Napali Coastline, the White Cliffs of Dover, the Grand Canyon, and more. Despite everywhere I’ve been, seeing Cinderella’s Castle still gives me goosebumps.
Walt Disney World has become a favorite travel destination for my husband and I. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or the quality of service, maybe it’s that feeling of excitement I get right before I go down Splash Mountain, or maybe it’s the food (probably the food- Churro Please!) We love traveling to the parks. My husband grew up going to Disneyland and introduced me to the original park and California Adventure in 2014. I am knowledgable about each of the parks and can help you plan a memorable trip for your family.
Wherever it is you want to go, I can help you with that. I can’t wait to help you plan your next adventure. Let me do the work so you can focus on making memories you’ll remember for a lifetime. So let’s get started! To learn more about me and my services check out my facebook page at www.facebook.com/KimberlyCollinsMainStreetAndMoreTravel or contact me directly at Kimberlycollins@mainstreetandmoretravel.com