Hello all… My name is Jeff.  I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife Adriana and our two kids.  Rebecca Rose is 8 years old and Dylan is 5.  I was lucky enough to go on different vacations every year as a kid.  My wife is from Canada.  Growing up she never traveled.  That changed… big time, when she met me.  Our first trip together would change our lives forever.  Disney World!  It was her first time going.  Even though I’ve been there so many times before, it also felt like my first time.  This was the first time I went as an “adult”.  It also happened to be New Years Eve.  What better place to be than Epcot celebrating New Years Eve with your girlfriend.  We were hooked on the magic from that point on.  After getting married and having kids nothing has changed… Except more adventures to more places.  We are known to our friends as the “Vacation Family”.  We actually got married on a cruise ship, the Carnival Miracle.  We love cruising even more now, as a family.  There is no vacation like it.  We also love going to different All Inclusive resorts around the Caribbean.  No matter where we choose to fly or cruise… we always make it back to our #1 place.  We have been going to Disney every year since my daughter was born in 2011.  After all our adventures I have learned the special skill of planning Disney itineraries, dining and fast passes.  I would love to pass that knowledge on to you.
I offer a stress free way to book the vacation of your dreams.  Booking one can be very difficult and stressful if you’re not sure what you are doing.  Start your adventure early by letting me do all the work for you.  My services are always FREE of charge.  Trust me… I’m a professional vacationer.  So if you have any questions about riding on a flying elephant, eating with Cinderella in her castle, jumping on a train to Hogwarts, cruising the 7 seas… or just planting your butt in a chair with a bright colored frozen umbrella drink on a beach somewhere… I’m here to help you!!!
Please email me at JeffZagaroli@MainStreetAndMoreTravel.com