Hi! My name is Bri Dallas. I am no stranger to travel in Orlando as I visited every summer beginning at 3 years old! I have always had a love for Disney, its history and its magic. Each trip still gives me the same feelings of joy, love and hope that anything is possible as it did on my first visit 25 years ago. I am currently live in Florida and I am a passholder. I’ve also had the opportunity to vacation on a Disney Cruise as well. In traveling to Orlando often as a child, my family and I also frequently visited Universal Studios and after turning 13, we went to special after-hours events such as Halloween Horror Nights every year through college.
My main goal is to help relieve you of the stress and overwhelm of planning a trip to Disney or any other destination. Experiences and memories last a lifetime and I’m dedicated to helping you plan the best ones yet!
Let’s start planning your next vacation!